What Can We Do For You?

Whether your tire needs are large or small, we can get you on the right path.



Our customers consist of national tire companies, national tire disposal companies, manufacturers, local tire stores and even individuals with a few tires to dispose of.  Our used tires are graded by tread depth and sold accordingly.  Our inventory ranges anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 tires at any one time, depending on the season.   We ship tires all over the southeast by trailer and ship overseas to the Caribbean and Central America by container.
Our local retail customers are welcome to come into our warehouse showroom for excellent prices on single tires and sets.  All tires are quality and pressure checked and will be replaced if found to be defective within 10 days of purchase.


One of the major environmental concerns is improper disposal of waste tires.  Illegal tire dumps provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes which can transmit disease to humans, livestock, domesticated animals, etc.  Tire pile fires can be an even greater environmental hazard.  Today, approximately eighty percent of waste tires are recycled in some way, thanks to a growing need for the material that waste tires can provide and efficient means of disposing of waste tires.  Transporters who offer to take waste tires at prices too good to be true could be dumping tires illegally.  Significant penalties can be levied against a transporter or retailer for dumping waste tires illegally.

We are presently working on a land clean-up program.  In this program, we will offer our customers a clean-up of property that has been contaminated over the years with waste tires.  We are licensed with the State of Florida as a waste tire collector, license number 0378.
  1. Recycled Tires ready for grading
    Recycled Tires ready for grading
    Our trucks are ready to be loaded for your wholesale order.
  2. Retail customer warehouse
    Retail customer warehouse
    Our retail customers can find almost anything they need in our retail showroom.
  3. Quality Check
    Quality Check
    Our retail tires are tested for quality before being presented in our warehouse -- all come with a 10 day replacement policy if defective.