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Our local retail customers are welcome to come into our warehouse showroom for excellent prices on single tires and sets.  All tires are quality checked and will be replaced if defective within 10 days.


We provide your retail business with our quality used tires in the most popular sizes.  Our trucks are pre-loaded with a variety of sizes; or, you can custom-order to your needs.


We provide waste tires for businesses using them for fuel.  Our recycling program has been very successful over the years and we maintain a large list of recycling clients.
Jon Bischoff, CEO
In 1990, I started this business from the ground up with a fleet consisting of one S10 pickup, receiving used tires from the tri-county area.  Since that time, nearly 3 decades, the business has grown and branched out to include wholesale supply, retail sales, and a much larger recycling program.  At Advanced Tire Recycling, we are dedicated to success, ours and yours.  Give us a call or stop by to see what we can do to meet your tire needs.  You will not be disappointed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

25 years experience